Jennifer Gingras


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Client \  
MIX Movement

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Manager \ 
Richard Kappel

Disciplines \
Information Design


MIX Training Guides

Infographics Series

Objective \

To organize information in a visual way that is easily understood and translated by MIX moderators from many countries.

Project \

The MIX Movement is a new way to cross cultural divides by bringing travelers and local residents together to participate in activities. The organization’s home base and founder are located in Spain, but I have been working with them remotely to design projects as needed. These infographics and slide show were created to introduce new MIX Moderators to the concept of MIXs and give them advice on how to create successful engagements. Because Moderators and participants will speak many languages the imagery and symbols of the infographics must support and supersede the text.

The Elements of a MIX

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Promoting Participation


How to Moderate a MIX


MIXs Made Simple

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